Conventional pigments reflect about 80-90% of the incident light and fluorescent paint – several times more. This is possible due to the fact that the absorbed UV light these colors will transform and emit in the visible spectrum. Unlike fluorescent dyes, not fluorescent glow in the dark by themselves, but only reflect the invisible rays of ultraviolet radiation.

Glowing pigments in the finished paint are rather large solid particles of polymers, up to 75 microns. They are painted with fluorescent dyes on the basis of phosphor – rhodamine or aminonaphthalene. The structure of the paint allows to obtain glossy smooth coating in a single layer. Another drawback is that dyes are decomposed at a temperature of from 150 to 250oC, they can fade with constant exposure to bright light.

The use of fluorescent paints

The glow effect that attracts designers in fluorescent dye due to the fact that accumulated during the day energy begins to be released. Especially often created images in clubs, restaurants, bars, in which the lowest degree of illumination combined with the ability to turn on the UV lamp's luminous paintings seem to be real works of art. Due to the fact that the picture reflects the rays of a directional light, for example, headlights of a car, it can be used to improve safety on the road.

Dyes can be applied to any subject, but the most common applications:

printing of advertising materials, stickers, labels;
the decoration of stones, concrete and brick walls, curbs, paved paths, gates;
- painting flowers paint is water based;
- painting wood, plastic surfaces and glass;
- body art;
- print photo collages with bright elements;
drawings on clothing with acrylic phosphoric paint.
For application to the skin or hair should only use a special safe paint.

Almost all paint with fluorescent effect is not dangerous to humans, it is only necessary to observe the usual security measures: use a respirator during work, avoid contact with eyes or mouth.

How to make quality fluorescent coating higher

To figure a long time pleasing to the eye, you need to take care about the proper application of paint. As a substrate is better to use specially designed primer – white paint, it will reinforce the glow effect on 15-20%.

Varnish can reduce the glow effect.

The finished and dried surface should be coated with a clear varnish, it will increase the life of paint and will protect the dyes from UV rays.