To marinate tender and very tasty chops that will please your family and guests, you will need:
- approximately 700 grams of fresh pork. Meat should choose a color than the color is closer to pink, so it is younger, tastier and juicier;

You also need to pay special attention to the quality of pork in it often there are veins and tendons, this complicates its preparation and causes discomfort when eating.

- a couple of eggs. Eggs should also choose by color. Than darker they are, the better and fresher;
two to three tablespoons of soy sauce or lemon juice (to taste);
- spices: seasoning for meats, dry powdered garlic, salt, pepper, dried minced parsley, roughly 10 Laurel leaves and mint leaves. All of the spices to sprinkle about a teaspoon, or according to their desire and discretion. Greens it is better to take dried because it does not wither in the process of marinade, and does not lose its taste and smell;
- one large onion;
- the average packing of mayonnaise or sauce small container of sour cream – on request.

Method of preparation

Take a deep bowl and put it on its bottom 5 leaves Lavrushka and mint serially. Meat rinse well under warm water, drain through a sieve and cut into small portioned pieces. Carefully drop the pork on both sides with a special hammer, then put in a bowl.

To the meat add eggs, mix well the mixture. Mixed meat and eggs you need to add all the spices. First, salt and pepper, then seasoning for meat, then garlic and parsley. Mix everything carefully.

Pour on the meat mayonnaise or sour cream, a good RUB all the pieces. The onion should be cut into large rings and add to the meat. Douse the meat with soy sauce or lemon juice, but do not stir. top place the remaining leaves Lavrushka and mint.

Put the prepared marinade in the refrigerator for about an hour. Then you need to remove it and allow to stand warm for another hour. After that, immediately start cooking. Chops can be breaded with flour or breadcrumbs – optional, and fry on a heated pan. Special flavor will give chops frying in butter or fat.

Chops are best served is piping hot. It is not necessary to disdain the juice released from the meat, as it is very tasty. Serve chops to the table with a sprig of parsley or Basil - it will give them a fresh spicy taste. Can you serve meat with a side dish or just with a spoon of sour cream and can even be made from the resulting kebab marinade – this marinade goes with everything and will delight your guests and loved ones. Bon appétit!