You will need
    • Pan;
    • vegetable oil.
Take a frying pan and pour in her vegetable oil. You can use any, but it is desirable that it be refined. Not refined oil for frying odor spreads throughout the room and gives the product a special flavor of the seeds. The amount of oil depends on the size of the pans, but should set to the height it rose to 2-3 cm In this case, the pasties are completely covered with fat on the lower side and will be evenly fry in deep fat.
Before you cook frozen pasties, heat the oil over high heat. If you put the pasties into the cold skillet, then crisp them fail. That it is sufficiently heated, will show small bubbles appearing on the surface.
Carefully put the pasties in a pan, to avoid burns by splashing hot oil. Pre-thawed dough with filling is not needed, otherwise they will lose shape.
Cook frozen pasties from one side to the appearance of a smooth Golden brown on medium heat. Up to this point, flip them is not worth it, otherwise you can damage the batter. It is important to observe the temperature regime: if the fire is too large, the outer part may burn, but the filling will not have time fry. Then flip the pasties on the other side and wait until you see the crust on this part. On roasting each side takes 3-5 minutes. Cover the pan not covered.