Advertising is divided into several types: outdoor, print, television and radio, context, media, etc. it Should be remembered that in each case the placement should be individualized, depending on the target audience and the profile of potential client. Free is the easiest place on the Internet.
First, create your advertising message. It can be solely text-based, fully graphical, or a combination, the main thing - it must convey to potential customers the advantages of product or service. Try to make the ad unit as more as possible capacious Internet users do not like to spend time reading large amounts of. Don't neglect graphics: bright and expressive images great attract attention and convey the overall meaning of the message before reading text.
Pick up Internet sites, where you created the ad unit can be placed free of charge. It can be various directories (they give the opportunity to publish information about the company, news and reviews), discussion forums (many of them contain special sections for advertising), business portals (usually have the most developed functionality, from the creation of value to the opportunities of blogging, posting press releases and articles). Good advertising platform is the blogosphere. Select community suitable subjects and regularly post in them latest information, including photos and videos. Don't forget about social networking: create groups, invite participants, keep the lines of communication and user activity. Another way to advertise their services are affiliate programs and the participation in promotions at special sites of discounts.