Asthma and the medical

Experts believe asthma one of the most serious respiratory diseases. Full recovery, alas, can not be achieved by any other currently known medication. All these funds mainly only block attacks that causes bronchial spasm.

Traditional treatment is to undertake emergency measures, that is, the inhalation of oxygen and the use of sprays with the effect of expanding the bronchial tubes that eliminate the spasm. This, for example, "Alupent", "berotek", "Asthma-C" and similar preparations.

Often the patient hospitalityat and hospital professionals decide what treatment he needs. Often is not without purpose potent hormonal drugs, relieving allergic factor and inflammation.

Treatment of bronchial asthma folk remedies

Traditional medicine has a whole Arsenal of drugs and methods to facilitate the life of the patient with bronchial asthma. Often they give more strong effect than medication.
But, of course, to use any folk remedy need only after consulting with your doctor.

A proven method used to relieve an asthma attack is the inhalation of potato and lingonberry tea. When it comes to the state of suffocation, need to get rid of tight clothes, then boil the potatoes and cover head with a towel to breathe into the pot. Hot steam will greatly ease the condition. Thus it is necessary from time to time to SIP a few SIPS of cranberry tea, too hot, it will help to remove the spasm. To brew the drink from the fresh leaves or berries, and dried.

Another well-known folk recipe against asthma – an infusion of ginger. But it should be taken in the event of an attack, but constantly. To make a drink: grate 500 grams of washed root, put in a liter bottle, pour the alcohol. Let it stand in a warm place for 14 days, but the mixture should be 1-2 times a day shake. When the infusion is slightly darkened, becoming like weakly brewed tea, it should be filtered, and the ginger is removed, the pre-pressing. Drink need another day to stand to form a sediment: to pour out, of pure the infusion is poured into another bottle and take 2 times a day on a teaspoon, diluted in 1/2 glass of water.

Helps with asthma Shilajit. It is dissolved in the decoction of licorice root (proportion 6 grams per 500 ml), and then taking in the morning, 200 ml of the product to be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than two days, then prepare a new one.

Also very useful the balm of aloe, honey and Cahors. Herbalists prepare it as follows: take 250 grams of aloe leaves, 1/2 liter of Cahors, 350 grams of liquid honey.
It is important that before you cut off the leaves, aloe does not need to be watered for 2 weeks.

The cut sheets are put in a jar, pour honey and wine, stir and insist 9 days in a dark and cool place. Then strain, wring out and take. The scheme is as follows: 2 the bottom of a tablespoon 3 times a day, then a teaspoon 3 times a day.

Patients with asthma are shown at least once a year to be at sea. In particular, it is very useful to the Crimea, where the climate is suitable.