Any menu is made according to the fulfilled scheme. To break it is not necessary – a guest in a restaurant wants one thing – to quickly and accurately choose the right dish. Give him the opportunity.
In the start menu usually place the list of specialities. Followed by refreshments, first cold and then hot. This is followed by soups, hot dishes, side dishes, desserts, drinks – hot and cold. Alcohol will usually be in a separate wine list.
Within the sections of food are broken down into subcategories. For example, you can select hot dishes from meat, fish, poultry, game. Separately issued and vegetarian page. Deals, dish from the chef, culinary festivals are usually printed on a separate sheet and put in the shared folder menu.
Decide whether you will offer business Lunches or special children's meals. Their list can be issued as simply as possible, because such menus require frequent replacement. Note that the composition of the lunch meal needs to be changed at least once a month – regular guests get bored of the same meals.
The main menu should be permanent. Very bad when a guest to enjoy a favorite dish, it does not detect it in the list. Updates can be a culinary festivals – for example, in August you can have a festival of dishes from potatoes, and in June – the first strawberry fest. Such actions are very popular with the guests.
The appearance menu is dictated by the concept of the restaurant. For example, in the classic institution of appropriate heavy folder made of leather, in a fashionable coffee house menu can be arranged in the form of Newspapers, and the Japanese restaurant – printed on thick cardboard and staple plate.
Don't make your menu too long. A guest just will not be able to operate on reaching a section of hot dishes, he will forget that he chose in the list of salads and soups. The best option – 10-20 items in each section.
Be sure to include the output of finished dishes – the visitor must navigate what volume he gets. Do not invent fancy names of dishes – "Strawberries in champagne" is much clearer than "Strawberries a La Romanoff".