Advice 1: How to please your man

If you want to maintain a harmonious relationship with your man, you need to be able to listen to his needs and interests, and from time to time for him to do pleasant surprises. The man who will feel the attention to your person, will love you even more.
How to please your man
Always be friendly with the man, hold positive attitude towards life.
Maintain cleanliness and order in the house, learn to cook a variety of original meals and amaze your man culinary innovations.
Remember, what items of your wardrobe, and what the ornaments are increased sympathy among men. Wear them more often raduyte his eyes. Also often try to wear those jewelry and things that he gave you – it will remind you of the attention shown you his gifts.
Pay attention to the Hobbies of my man. Even if you don't share some of them go with him to the football, buy movie tickets for the film, which the man wants to go fishing with him. A man will appreciate your participation in what for him is valuable.
Communicate with your man, not only on topics that interest you. Remember that topics of conversation should be of interest to him. If a man is interested in politics or sports, learn to easy and pleasant conversation on these topics.
Don't limit your intimate life, try to bring her man maximum pleasure and try to diversify sex life, so she drew you and your man even more.
And of course, make the man an unexpected but pleasant gifts from the simple to the unusual. Depending on the preferences of men, you can give him an interesting book, a movie, a new tie, beer mug, fancy ashtray, and so on.
Don't let the relationship stagnate, they make fresh wave, do not cease to surprise a partner, and he'll tell you the same.

Advice 2: How to make a loved one

There is nothing nicerthan to give positive emotions to loved ones. Unexpected surprises will help to make the relationship bright colors, much to the delight in the eyes of the second half.
How to make a loved one

Nice man

A loving girlfriend or wife must please her beloved and pleasant unexpected surprises to make the relationship bright colors. All, of course, depends on the nature and preferences of the man, but it's safe to say that a delicious romantic dinner go out with a Bang. On the table was to be his favorites, and in the atmosphere to soar in the notes of tenderness, affection and love. At the end of the evening, the fairer sex can give a loved one a spicy surprise, thinking in advance about the new extravagant linen.

Remember that men are big children, they can be easily entertained, buying a disk with a new computer game, a new sweater or tickets for the much anticipated movie in a cinema. These small things are a huge expression of feelings, and the man, sensing this, will become even more loving, attentive and caring.

A nice woman

A man who has both halves must know that compliments don't happen much. Any pleasant word spoken in the address of his girlfriend or wife will cause her a smile and lots of positive emotions. And if you combine the saying with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, then delight is not the limit!

To please a lady, of course, going to the store to purchase the long-awaited dresses, handbags, shoes, and best of all at once. To continue the walk in the restaurant under the sounds of live music and clinking of glasses, a pleasant surprise favorite for sure will not forget. If male, has no financial support – no problem to make a girl nice absolutely free. For example, suggest a walk in the Park, telling about their feelings and giving the most modest bouquet of flowers. The more often a man will have signs of attention, the more he will feel the delicate touch of women's hands.

Pleasant surprises

Of all the surprises of the most pleasant and memorable are those favorite people you least expect. For example, to please the girl you vouchers to stay abroad or a small dog, which she had so long dreamed of. To surprise boyfriend is a snap with the new gadget, which has not managed to get his friends, or tickets to a concert of your favorite artist. The most valuable thing in a relationship – it doesn't matter how expensive will be a pleasant surprise, as long as they were sincere and heartfelt.
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