Will invest the parent capital in the purchase of apartments.One of the main areas for use of funds the capital is to improve housing conditions. This is dictated by the economic situation of the present time, when property prices are growing steadily, and the income of the family budget sometimes not even able to cover the living and housing needs. In this case, a family with two or more children have a unique opportunity to significantly improve and reorganize your life, your living space. It is also very actual purchase of a house, using the same maternal capital, as it is a huge plus when making a loan or mortgage.
Put the put compensation in children's education.Another target use of means of the parent capital are school children. This is an important aspect of family life requires special attention, because in the modern world everything comes down to science. And it is simply impossible to imagine what financial test can expect a family in the future. With the help of the parent capital the question of payment for studying in higher educational institutions of the country resolves itself. Tuition funds from the maternal capital can be made both by cash and by Bank transfer, which depends directly from the decision of the parents.
So do not forget about the pension Fund. Here the parent capital can be very useful. It can be used in the future to ensure that pension after reaching the retirement age mother. In this case, when a decision still to implement the parent capital in the pension Fund, the government promises a guaranteed indexing, after a time, the entire sum of money. This means that the parent capital will not lose its high significance and they are the parents always entitled, according to statutory deadlines. The pension Fund is a huge factor for cash payments, as well as a high degree of safeguards to ensure the best existence in old age.
To date, discusses some of the amendments of the law on maternity capital, namely the possibility of its use for a loan or buying a new car. If the bill is approved, young families will have the unique opportunity of purchasing a car without spending precious time on making a huge amount of documents, and use only the most basic, as well as a certificate for maternity capital.