When an incident occurs relating to violations of labor discipline, the employee affected with it, must deliver notice of his immediate superior. For this purpose it is necessary to compose a memo and present it took place a fact. A memo register it and put the incoming number in the journal of internal document, and the date of registration. From this moment on are counted all the terms stipulated by the procedure of official investigation. It should be done within one month and is extended in the case of being an employee on vacation or on sick leave. This period may not be extended more than six months.
Order form the Commission more than three persons, which carry out official investigation. Its membership cannot include the immediate superior of the employee at fault, and those Directors who make decisions on imposing disciplinary sanctions.
When conducting an internal investigation, refer to article 193 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, it defines a list of facts that fall under the category requiring an official investigation. The Commission during the procedure should take into account prior behavior of the employee and his attitude to his job duties defined by the relevant Treaty.
The Commission's task is to determine the offending and the circumstances that led to it. The Commission is also required to collect evidence of guilt, to determine the severity of misconduct and to require the violator a written explanation of the incident. The requirement to provide the explanation is given in writing, under signature. In the requirement list the questions of the Commission, which the employee must respond. The rejection of painting in the receipt of the demand or from giving such explanation should be witness to the relevant act. Within two days after receipt of the notice, the employee must provide an explanation. His absence does not stop the ongoing internal investigation.
The Commission prepares all the necessary documents: a memo, an explanation of the employee, witness interviews and expert opinion, if necessary, audit certificates, customer complaints, etc. to the instruments To apply the act to conduct an internal investigation, signed by all members of the Commission and give all the head of the enterprise for decision.