You will need
  • Soft washing powder, towel, coat hanger, slim pouch for clothes, vinegar.
Wash manually blouse or dress in faux chiffon. Put a blouse or dress in a thin pouch. Chiffon – exquisite material and requires delicate handling. Dissolve a neutral detergent for silk fabrics in warm (30 degrees) water. Immerse the bag with the blouse in the water and avoiding friction fabrics, wash. Rinse in clean water and squeeze lightly. Wet blouse lay on a towel on the table and carefully straightened all the creases. Can be used for drying hangers. Products of chiffon dry very quickly and can leave them out to dry, wrapped in a towel.
A slightly damp shirt iron on the reverse side at the position of the thermostat is silk (130 degrees). It doesn't hurt to put on the fabric is thin transparent paper. The temperature mode can be specified by labels on the inside of the product. Chiffon silk is an expensive material. It is used for sewing elegant evening wear. When washing natural chiffon a heavy shedder, and therefore not worth the risk to clean it at home.
Summer women clothing and linen, of cotton, chiffon, very light and thin. Wash the product manually, without using aggressive detergents and bleaches. Take a neutral detergent for delicate fabrics. Fully dissolve it in water and wash it effortlessly. Rinse in clean water. Lightly towel dry or on a hanger. Your belongings will regain its freshness after washing, but remember, it's easier to wash off fresh stains.