You will need
  • the glass flake material, polyester resin, brushes, rollers, sandpaper, sander, drill, scissors, a vacuum cleaner and a syringe for the hardener.
We must start with the project. If yourself such a task can not afford, do not worry because there is the Internet and old magazine "Boats and yachts". So there you will find everything your heart desires. So, the project at hand, you can start. Because in the future will have to deal with toxic chemicals, it is better construction to produce on the street. So your child will not get wet from unexpected rain, it is recommended to build a shelter over your home yard small shed.
Perhaps the most difficult and time-consuming step in the manufacture of fiberglass boats – the creation of the matrix. Start with the manufacture of the frame and attached to its frames. The frames - plywood Board. With special attention to the bow of the matrix and the edges of the boards, the production of which is better to use 12mm plywood.
Extended side carefully apply sandpaper, since this will depend on the surface the future of the boat. For the putty matrix can use polyester putty. Spare no expense on careful levelling of the surface of the matrix.
Don't forget a very important detail of the boat – keel. Do it first with wood and then cover with polyester resin. The surface bring to the ideal state with the help of grinding machines.
Now you can proceed to the application of glass flake material on the side. In the course of the work are inserted in the nipples required to separate the boat from the matrix and produce seat. After that apply the matrix 4 of the separating layer of wax, wait to dry, and apply the gelcoat.
The hull will consist of five layers of glass flake material that gives it stiffness and strength. Extra pieces cut with scissors and glued in place on the seat. You have quite a bit to tie the oarlocks, sanded the Board, and if you wish to paint. Happy sailing!