You will need
  • Soldering iron, epoxy glue, fairing-pincushion, paper rings, the propeller shaft with a diameter of 5 inches, wire, tube, hook, file, polystyrene, paper, cardboard, tin, drill, nitroenamel, the rubber motor.
Glue one ring in a paper cone-a pincushion. It should be done so that the outer part was about 2-3 inches.
Miss design is made through a nose cone tube, which is designed to create a axis horizontal bow rudders.
For the aft fairing of the stern make up.
Pour inside the cones fairings glue based on epoxy. Allow it to harden, so the fairings and the ring of paper will turn into a monolithic product.
Insert the nose cone a hook, designed to fasten the rubber motor. It must be done before the epoxy fully sets.
Skip through the stern tube the propeller shaft, made of wire. On top of him now, put on the bead-bearing. Then solder the propeller shaft.
Saw out of polystyrene vertical and horizontal rudders, undercut them with a file and glue to the back and front edge.
Tightly wrap several layers of paper on a cylindrical fairings.
Cardboard cut-out of the wheelhouse and the deck and glue them. Tin cut chopping rudders and hydroplanes. After make the antennas and periscopes: for this, use wire.
Install the wheelhouse on the deck and then the deck itself to glue to the hull. After that, the Cabinet, drill a hole through which the immersion of the submarine will come out of the air.
Paint the parts with nitro enamel. While all the elements of dries, solder the horizontal rudders to the segment of wire which passes through the tube.
Put both of the rubber motor hook (you need to insert the cones into the tube-building), and then dip the product in water.
Wind the rubber motor. To do this, you will need a wire hook, which is fixed in the cartridge: with it, you need to remove the nose cone, and then wind the rubber motor.