Of course, in General, the text of technical specification written by the developer, since he can intelligently describe and formulate the tasks that need to be addressed during the development of this project. The customer may be involved for clarification purposes, it can Express your wishes, your subjective opinion and vision. Such symbiosis will allow in the future to avoid misunderstandings and to reduce the number of controversial issues.
The structure of this document for projects in different areas may vary a bit, but make the technical assignment given to the document as detail as it reveals the essence and objectives of the project. It must be described and established the principles of interaction techniques or software modules with each other, as well as the principles of interface interaction.
Together with the client, describe in detail the goals and objectives of this development. Shall describe in detail its overall functionality and requirements that it must meet. Be sure to describe the tasks of each functional module of the project, install the necessary technological limitations.
Dedicate a section of the technical requirements to be met by this development. Specify the characteristics and their values that can be expressed quantitatively. Use assessments that can be objectively measured.
A separate item technical specifications define all the used terms and concepts. It will clearly identify their nature and will help to avoid disputes with the customer.
In the section "General project information" enter the full name of both parties, write the name of the project, its cost, responsible persons and with the other hand, indicate the planned timing of the project and at each stage, if it gets broken on them.
A separate paragraph shall describe the composition and content of design to be performed by the developer. On customer request it can be done for each stage of development.
Describe the methods and procedure of control over performance of the work, determine the methods of testing end product testing and the principles of the quality assessment.