You will need
  • - Plywood panels;
  • Board;
  • - wooden beams;
  • - wood glue;
  • - drill;
  • - screws;
  • bolts;
  • - a hacksaw.
To build a bunk bed, you must prepare two single mattresses with wooden boxes for them, support walls, bumpers to protect against the loss of a child, the stairs and sides to hide the mattress.
For supporting walls, take up the shields of plywood and fill them with nitro lacquer. You can also use a wide Board or particle Board. At the height of the supporting wall of half a meter, its thickness should be not less than 2, see Choosing a width, be guided by the sizes of the boxes under the mattresses. Note on the supporting walls of the place of attachment of mattresses and drill the holes. Carton or wooden frames with mattresses or standard grid of cots attach to the supports with bolts with chrome heads. If you prefer to make the supporting walls of the two shields that mount to perform better, trying in each panel by two bolts.
If the mattress has no box or wooden frame, between the lateral support parts necessary to make the crate. With screws fasten to the walls of wooden beams, and on them lay the boards. After the manufacture of the sheathing of the connecting studs secure sides, which will hide the mattresses. If you decide not to hide the mattresses, can attach tiles-flaps made of wood.
If the bed of solid back, it is advisable to install a removable ladder. For Assembly attach to the box of the mattress shield by connecting the steps-sticks with a shield wall. For beds, support walls made of two boards, the stairs it is best to arrange between these boards. Drill them in the nest at 4 cm depth at a distance of 10cm from one another. Fill the nest with glue and attach them to sticks with a diameter of 18mm, linking back boards.
To make drawers, after measuring the space under the bedYu, run the plywood the appropriate blanks. Pull them out and attach with screws at the corners of each of the boxes the wheels.