Find online detailed pictures of exterior and interior of the car type you are interested in.
Elements of the interior of the car with benches, window frames, lamps - manufactured in advance. Glue them out of thin paper and paint. Inside the lights pre-install white LEDs and output thin and long conductors. Let the glue dry. The handrails are made of tubes for cocktails.
Make a cardboard body of the car. Also paint it inside and out. The roof is not yet do. Cut in the body of the window, seal them inside film cut from a plastic bottle. Then glue the inside and outside is made in advance of the window frame. Place in the back benches and railings and secure them with glue.
If desired, cut out and color the figures of passengers. Some of them are in the cabin, holding on to the railing, others sitting on the benches. These figures also glue.
Make a cardboard roof. Paint it. On the inner side stick the lights. The wires from them swipe the inner wall of the cabin down to the hole in his floor. Cover the wire with a strip of paperthat you color in the same color as the walls. Leave a small margin of length of the wires to the roof can be removed. Make the inside of the rim, to being put on the car, the roof did not move.
The pantograph of the car make from a paper clip, as the wheels are painted, use accordingly lids from bottles, and the axes of the tubes of the pens. All this glue.
Stand for car made of plexiglass. It will also position the battery (or a power socket for power supply unit), toggle switch and resistors for the LEDs. Connect it all. Glue the wheels to the stand.
From the same Plexiglas to make layout a removable transparent casing. To hack last a long time, do not remove it unnecessarily.