You will need
    • Salt pork:
    • 1 kg of meat;
    • 50 g of salt;
    • 1 tbsp. without slides ground coriander;
    • 1 teaspoon of sugar;
    • 1 tsp ground black pepper;
    • 1 tsp ground red pepper;
    • 2 g of baking soda.
    • For pork with ginger^
    • 1 kg of pork;
    • 70 g of salt;
    • 5 g of ammonium nitrate;
    • ground ginger;
    • ground red pepper;
    • ground cloves;
    • juniper berries;
    • dried Bay leaf.
    • For a classic salt pork^
    • 10 kg of fresh meat;
    • 500 g of salt;
    • 50 g of dietary nitrate;
    • for the brine mix:
    • 500 g of salt;
    • 20 g of black pepper;
    • 150 g of sugar;
    • 30 g of baking soda;
    • 150 g coriander.
    • for the brine:
    • 10 liters of water;
    • 500 g of salt;
    • 5 g of nitrate.
Salt pork

Wash the meat carefully, cut into slices thickness of about 5 cm. Fry the coriander in a dry frying pan, grind in the mill or in a mortar shalt coriander, red and black peppers, mix spices with sugar, salt and baking soda. RUB the meat with this mixture, put in a wooden or enamel bowl, previously scalded the dishes with boiling water.
Stir, cover and put in the refrigerator, keep meat in the refrigerator for 12 days. Remove the utensils from the refrigerator and shake to mix the salt mixture each day. Rinse off the salt and dry wipes ready meat.
Salt pork with ginger

Rinse the meat, cut into slices 3-4 cm thick. Mix the salt and saltpeter, RUB each piece of meat with this mixture. Steam wooden utensils for salting, dry.
Mix pepper, ginger, cloves, juniper berries and Bay leaf. Sprinkle spice mixture on the bottom of the dish with a layer 0.5-1 cm. Lay on top the pieces of pork. Sprinkle the meat with spices, place the next layer of meat, sprinkle with spices and continue until you place it in the brine capacity of all the meat. Put in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.
Remove from fridge, rinse off the salt, boil, cool, cut into pieces and serve with horseradish. Use as a garnish pickles, pickled cabbage.
Classic salt pork

Soak the meat before you cook it 12 hours in cold boiled water (proportion: 1 part meat to 2 parts water), changing the water every 3-4 hours. Take a wooden barrel or tub. Soak in clean water, scald with boiling water 10-15 times.
Soak fresh meat in a cool place for 2-3 days, then chop the meat into large pieces, free from bones. Mix the salt with the saltpetre, RUB the meat on all sides with this mixture. Calcinate on a frying pan coriander (but not sacarifice), grind in the mill.
Mix the coriander, salt, sugar, pepper and soda. Pour 1 cm of the mixture in the bottom of the barrel, lay on top the pieces of meat, tightly pressing them together. Each layer of meat peresypaya the brine mixture, close the top layer no cover, wooden circle, put it on consignment.
Move the barrel in the cellar for 1 day. Then boil water, remove from heat and add salt and nitrate. Cool, pour brine corned beef so that it covered the meat, leave in the cellar for a month.