Use Internet resources. One of the largest sites that provide information about the availability and cost of drugs - Type in the search box the name of the desired drug, and the system will give you a list of nearby pharmacies with the prices of medicines. This database is the most drugstores of Moscow and regions of Russia, updated database daily.
About the price of medicines in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Voronezh and Omsk you can find at the major Internet resource Putting before the search of the nearest metro station or district, you will also get a list of nearby pharmacies and prices on the drug.
In online pharmacy you can also leave an order with a home delivery of necessary medication. This service is for residents of St. Petersburg and the region.
Answering services, informing you about the availability and cost of drugs, exist in many cities of Russia. Use the normal search, putting your region. For example, drug prices in Yekaterinburg can be found on Novosibirsk –, in Saratov – on
To find out prices for vital medicines, visit the Ministry of health Please note that the exact price of such products depends on regional allowances. The prices of these drugs can not be changed more than once a year. This service has been running since 2010, now you can learn the price of the manufacturer of the drug, that used for ordinary customer was not available.
Use the phone reference services, who will inform you about availability and prices of medicines. To learn about the availability and prices of medicines in the Moscow drugstores, please call (495) 995 - 995 – 1 (multichannel -) or (495) 258-75-74. In St. Petersburg call (812) 275-42-65, (812) 380-90-66 .