The design of the pipeline to the property is possible only in case if he is in the territory owned by you. Before you start registration of ownership of the pipeline, take care of the acquisition of title or the execution of a lease of the land on which the pipeline passes.

Determine the kind of ownership of the object. Depending on, to movable or immovable property shall be assigned a pipeline will depend on the procedure of its registration in the property. Part of the registration instances include the pipeline to the real estate and records in the usual manner, the part to the movable and denies the registration.
If the pipeline is real estate, pass a mandatory registration and put it on a balance. The procedure will look like the procedure of registration of apartments: get technical passport, plan, if necessary - the cadastral passport, certificate of ownership.

Please note that you as the owner is not profitable if the pipeline finds a movable property. The procedure of such processing details not regulated and this means that there is a risk that "well-wishers" will rush to challenge your property right.
For registration you need to contact the office of institutions of justice at the place of stay the statement and the package of documents which includes ID card, documents of ownership of land, permits for the construction and operation of the facility, technical passport, cadastral passport, certificate of acceptance of the finished object.
The relevant authority examines the documents provided by you, the results of which a decision is made. At the positive decision the right of ownership is registered. A refusal may be issued due to inconsistencies or lack of documentation, in this case the application is a resubmission with updated documents.

The second reason for refusal of registration is the recognition of the pipeline movable property. In this case, the decision should be appealed in court. Mind you, any decision you want. If the court will grant you your request, you will be issued a certificate of registration, if the court agrees with the registration authority, by default you will be the owner of the gas pipeline, according to the principle of possession of movable property.