Copy desired in the further work of the files contained on the drive you want to format or make sure that you absolutely do not need, since their recovery after formatting is unlikely.
If you want to format a hard drive Asus that is installed in your PC not as a system, then start the operating system. After Windows has loaded, go to "My computer".
Select among connected devices, the hard disk you want. Click the right mouse button, select the menu item "Format". On your screen you will see a small window in which you will need to choose the parameters of the operation.
Select the file system of the hard disk. If the parameters check is NTFS, if not, FAT 32. Here you can also be guided by their own preferences. Select the method of formatting is best done it completely without the use of cleaning the table of contents.
Specify the name of the hard disk in the line "volume Label" Start the operation. Wait until the system produces all the necessary actions. At this time, disk access and transactions with him will not be available.
If you want to format the system drive Asus, then save to a separate hard drive or removable media all your important files and folders. Restart the computer when it is turned on, press Esc. Using the menu that appears, configure the boot from floppy disk, save the changes.
Insert the operating system disk in the drive. Menu of the Windows installation. Select new installation in any of the available drives. You can also perform the installation on the Asus disk that you want to format.
Following the instructions of the installation menu, install the operating system on your computer, after selecting format the hard disk, which was chosen as a system.
If you performed the installation to the disk you want to format, go to "My computer" and repeat the procedure described at the beginning.