Traditionally, the living room sofa placed near the wall or at the window, but there is an alternative – to put it in the center of the room. This option is suitable for large living rooms or large rooms with multiple functions. In this case, the sofa can be a kind of barrier between the zones, distinguishing between guest areas, designed for relaxation and watching TV, on the other. If you have chosen this location, properly organize the space around the couch, set of chairs or tables, spread before him on the carpet. But this arrangement is not suitable for small rooms as it takes up a lot of space and allows you to harmoniously arrange the rest of the furniture.
Sofa, standing at the window, is not always a good option. Firstly, can interfere with the draft, and secondly, as a rule, under a window placed radiators, which will be fenced, which will prevent uniform heating of the room. Put the couch by the window only if there are no other possibilities.
Sofa, standing along the wall, though, and is the easiest and most common option is most acceptable in most cases. Following the advice of Feng Shui, you can select a suitable wall for the sofa. For example, if you sleep on it, the head should be facing North. It is also recommended to put it in the Eastern part of the room that is responsible for the comfort of home.
Consider the shape of the sofa rather short, but wide, you can put the short wall, corner suggest a location just in the corner. Massive, large models are not put in the center of the long wall, if the room is narrow. In this case, either select a place for him at the other wall, or move it to a corner so as not to block the aisle and not to make the space even more narrow.
Choosing a place for the sofa, consider the location of other furniture in the room, especially that which has to stand next to or opposite, that is, armchairs, a coffee table or a TV.