You will need
  • office;
  • - start-up capital;
  • - staff.
Analyze the economic situation in your city. It's possible that you live in the village of a closed type, or with a small number of residents. These factors can become a major obstacle to the opening of the marketing agencies, because the services will not be needed.
Pick up the staff. One specialist is enough for each direction. If necessary, each of them may select assistants. It is desirable to find employees with some experience. For example, a marketing research should be guided well in the economic situation of your city have its own database about the major players of the market, to understand the intricacies of the market, it is typical for your region or locality.
Select the specialization of the Agency . You can focus on one direction of marketing, for example, public relations or market research. If you have enough resources, you can open a company that provides a full range of marketing services.
Pick up the room. In this case, a good repair, and design of your office is very important. Everyone who comes to the client you should see what you can do as marketers. His image will work for you.
Select channels to promote your Agency. Place ads in thematic directories and business periodicals, organize a direct mail about your services by the largest companies in the city. At the initial stage is not always easy to find new clients. Accumulating a base, create a portfolio of orders, and further already implemented projects will form your reputation and experience.