What should not be forgotten?

You like summer, sunbathing, swimming and everything that belongs to the hot season? Certainly you have to be very careful that your skin has lost its elasticity and youthful appearance. Do not try to return from vacation as darker. First, in the fashion of the light color of skin, and secondly, tan skin unnecessarily burdened, it ages faster and loses elasticity and the natural ability to regenerate.

Without quality care – no step

Quality does not mean expensive! Many treatments: masks, scrubs, cleansing vitamin wraps can be made at home. Skin care before the holiday begins with nutrition and vitamins. Before going to the sea, increase the consumption of carrots, tomatoes, peppers or parsley greens, which contain beta-carotene that support good and lasting tan.

Before tanning

Don't forget about the easy thorough exfoliation of the entire body, which will help to avoid uneven tanning.

Sun protection

For the face and neck, use a higher factor than for the body. The face shield anyway. Throughout the season, use the factor below 30! The best tans in the water. On land the sensitive skin around the eyes secure glasses, hat or cap will serve as additional protection from the sun.


In the evening, use soothing and moisturizing balm. Tan ends not with sunset, but with a skin softening moisturizing lotion. Dry skin will appreciate the more fat emulsion after-sun, normal is more appropriate fast-absorbing body lotion.