To start describe what you need to do. Desire should not be blurred, it should be completed and have a concrete result.
Imagine the future result. Close your eyes and scroll in his imagination the events that help to achieve the desired goal. This technique will help to formulate a chain of actions necessary to implement the plan.
Remember how it all began. Consider how much you have committed on the path to success. Overall, this exercise is very similar to the previous one, only now you are not future, but past success. This technique will allow you to see how much is achieved in this case.
Write on a sheet of paper list all of the steps necessary to achieve the result. Then, on a new sheet, break each step for a few more. To share the steps necessary so that each item in the list corresponds to a simple action that you can perform continuously for 1-2 hours. In addition, this technique breaks down the complex task into several simple, he also has an important psychological task of self-motivation. Namely – give specific meaning purposes. It is known that the human brain does not perceive the abstract problem, so plan will help get closer to the implementation of the plan.
For each item in your task list, set deadlines. Compliance with this technique is necessary because no set time frame, the case will be permanently deferred for later. There is a main rule in the calculation of time: deadlines must be multiplied by 2. The reason is that human nature is constantly prone to exaggerate their own strength. Therefore, to calculate precisely the execution time of the task is not always obtained. For this reason, we developed the "rule of multiplying the terms by 2".
To start with the plan. Each will microshadow to be performed without a break, a pause can only be done between tasks. Be sure to erase the executed action from the list. It is important each action to finish, only in this case is guaranteed to achieve the desired.