You will need
  • key to 10;
  • key 13;
  • - key 17;
  • - screwdriver;
  • mounting the blade;
  • - rubber bulb;
  • - a rubber hammer.
Install the vehicle on a hoist or inspection pit. Lock the rear wheels. Remove the front wheel and key 17 Unscrew the two bolts and disconnect the brake caliper. Install it in a vise. Take the key 10 to loosen the two nuts fastening the connecting pipe and disconnect it. Hit the screwdriver on the lock. However, he will enter into a lateral groove in the brake caliper. A rubber hammer or a large screwdriver, slide the cylinder along the guide grooves. Make sure that the latch remains in the pressed state. Remove the brake cylinder - use an Assembly shovel as a lever. Before installing a new brake cylinder on the car, install the cylinder in the guide grooves of the caliper by pressing on the latch, and press with a rubber mallet until it stops. Put the connecting pipe to the brake cylinders.
Lock front wheels and remove the rear. Easy blows of a wooden or rubber hammer nastavki disconnect the brake drum. Free end of the upper return springs from the brake pads. Lift up the lever "Parking brake". In this case, the brake pads will move apart or remove them. Disconnect the brake line from the cylinder. Remove the 2 bolts 10 that secure it. Remove the rear brake cylinder and install the new one and all the elements in reverse order. Bleed the brakes.
Take the rubber bulb and remove the brake fluid from the brake reservoir to remove and install the brake master cylinder. Disconnect the brake tube by removing the key for 10 three nuts, loosen the two hose clamps and remove them. Take the key 13 and remove the two nuts attaching the master cylinder to the car body or the vacuum booster. Remove the cylinder. Proceed in reverse order. Add brake fluid to reservoir and bleed the brakes.