To adjust the pattern of the product, maintaining its proportionality and balance, customize the pattern on the main lines of fit. In the place where you want to save the pattern, make a neat fold on the paper and fixing it with pins.
The width of the folds should correspond to your measurement of the amount by which the pattern need to be shortened in the field.
To reduce the width of each part, divide by four the total value reduction. Thus, you will receive the amount by which it is necessary to reduce the front, back, left and right sides of the front and back.
Make a pattern by longitudinal folds and slay them with pins. Under reduced and pinned the pattern, place a piece of paper and copy the entire line to restore the line of stitches.
This way you can lay folds on the back and front bodice, reducing the width of the scarf in the shoulders, chest and waist. Shorten details the bodice along the line located between the waistline and the bust line. The height of the openings reduce by means of a strip of paper, glued at the bottom of the armhole.
Draw a new line the lower portion of the armhole. Also you can reduce the entire length of the width of the sleeves, the length, and to clarify lines of stitches. In the case when you want to fit the skirt pattern, you can reduce the length and width of the front and rear cloth skirts. All patterns have a small margin of distance to free fit products, so take this into account, reducing the pattern.