You will need
  • - computer with Internet access.
Click on the link, to make a sketch online. On this website you can collect the image of a human face from parts and save the result on your computer in the form of a jpeg file.

Consistently choose the left menu to add the hair, forehead, accessory, of nose, eyebrows, lips, beard and mustache. After selecting menu options the appearance of a particular element of a human face. Click on the desired picture and it will be added to the sketch in the center of the screen.

To clear the image press Clear All. After completing the sketch, select face Save, enter a file name and your name, click Save. A new window will open with your picture to save the sketch in the computer, and then right-click the image and select "Save image as", enter a file name, select the folder and click "Save". The creation of the sketch completed.
Go to the website to download the program to the police sketch artist. Click on the page link "Photofit free download", in the opened window, click on the name of the program, wait for it to load. Next, unzip the file to any folder. Run the executable file from the folder to start the compilation of the sketch.
Click in the program window on the button with a picture of a white sheet to make a new composite. Next, choose the buttons to add in the sketch of the hair, moustache, beard, eyes, nose, and other elements of a human face. The program also available accessories, such as glasses. Each item after you add you can reduce or increase with the slider below the menu with the details of the face.

Remove the unnecessary element, select it on the face and press the button "Basket". To save the drawn composite picture, click on the button with a diskette on the toolbar, select a save location, enter a file name, click Save.