Sit down and think carefully what kind of thoughts push you to such an alarming state. You must keep track of all these negative thoughts. For example, you believe that others see you as uninteresting and boring person. Ask yourself the question "why". You may not as diverse as you want to be really. So handle the books. Maybe you think that you are boring. Again ask the question, after you find the answer – eliminate the problem.
Develop communication skills. For this you do not have to overcome himself and to go outside to find the interlocutor, and it is unlikely you will be able to do now. Just sign up on a Dating site or chat, chat enough and have the necessary social skills.
Raise your self-esteem, be confident. To do this, you must try. Grab a case and run it. If you fail the first time – don't be discouraged and don't give up. Understand that every person has the right to be wrong. But note that it is necessary to choose something in which you really know.
In order to overcome the fear of the people, some psychologists advise to provoke anxiety, it's like the saying "like cures like". Go to the cafe, to the cinema, a place where a lot of people. You can also try to return to the supermarket expired goods, so you need to test your psyche in different situations.
Overcoming your shyness once and for all, don't criticize yourself, and certainly don't think you're funny. Always Express your point of view, even if not sure it is true. Remember: all people have the right to be wrong!
In extreme cases, a visit to a psychologist, who with the help of various techniques "to get" your fear out, and then "destroy" it.