You will need
  • pieces leather and suede;
  • leather lace;
  • - awl;
  • - punch Shoe;
  • - thick silk or linen thread.
The size of the pouch take arbitrary - it may depend on pieces of leather or suede, which you have found or your tastes and preferences, but about the right rectangle 17х20 see Cut two of the rectangle and the bottom corners zakruglenie parts of the pouch. For ease of punching holes in the workpieces to be seen, if you're using a dark skin, cut out of paper the same detail, and from the core material.What would all of these parts are not shifted relative to each other, grab them by the edge with contact adhesive. On the paper pattern, mark the locations for drilling holes for thread and lace.
The holes under the threads do the awl, and the lace at the top of the product Shoe punch holes with a punch. If you peel off the paper on this stage, you will not see holes from sewing, so it's best to remove the paper after you sew the product. A strong silk thread sew the parts of the pouch. To the pattern paper came down easily and not hurt the skin, wet the brush and paper, where is the seam.
The pouch can be made from small pieces of leather and suede, combining them - will be a stylish an original product. The material for this pouch, choose thinner, so that the joints here are much greater than in the first embodiment. Pattern take this or think for yourself. In this case, you first need to sew the strips so they were Tselikov, and then connect them with each other.
Remove the product and insert the lace, which will pull the edge of the pouch. Embroidered bag with beads and sequins in this form it is quite suitable as a gift for the lover of tobacco.
A pouch of fabric OTDELENIE stylish embroidery or ready made with their own hands.
Pouch you can sew and volume, you need to cut leather a round or oval bottom. Rectangular detail of the pouch sew to make a tube and sew it to the bottom.
The cords of leather adorn the original long beads, not forgetting to make on the ends of the drawstring knots. Options of decoration of a great many pouches, just give free rein to their imagination and freedom in their hands.