Before you begin your script, try a small literary forms. Write a short story with a fascinating story, create a play on issues of the day. Invite your friends to rate your talents, so you will understand how well you are able to captivate the audience.
Study aid for students of scenary departments of art schools. There are described various nuances that you should know before you get started to avoid wasting creative energy wasted.
Decide the genre of his creation. It can be romance, action, family Saga, etc. do Not try to grasp the immensity, stay within the genre. For example, it is not necessary to go into the details of gang warfare, if your goal is the scenario of ladies of the series in the spirit of "Desperate Housewives".
Before to consider in detail the storyline, write biographies of their heroes. It is desirable to describe what you were dealing with. It is not forbidden to use as prototypes of their friends and acquaintances. You need to know about your characters, understand how they would behave in a given situation.
Create a General script outline. According to the classical canons, it should be the plot, the twists and turns and the denouement. Tight spinning the story, remember that every scenario has an end, and you are solely responsible for the fate of their heroes, should not suddenly die just because the writer lacked the imagination to complete their love of drama happily.
Do the dialogues live: listen to people talking on the streets. Let the speech of your characters will not be tortured, literary. But don't deprive them of their individuality, forcing them to pronounce the formal replica. Think "corporate" buzzwords for their characters, make their speech vivid and memorable.
Take for example the classic examples. In the world filmed hundreds of shows. Choose the one that you like and look at it from the point of view of the writer. Find out for yourself how the scheme constructed plot that keeps the audience in suspense. Use these findings in its work, then your first time will probably be successful.