Install the new windowsill you can own. First of all, decide the choice of material of the countertop. The sills are the most popular, cheap, but they are usually installed in offices. Besides, they are quite unstable to mechanical stress and do not have the necessary sustainability.
Sills of chipboard and MDF beautiful and durable. But any shallow scratch leads to swelling because the chipboard is not resistant to moisture. Stoleshnicy solid wood and artificial stone meet all the requirements, eco-friendly, durable, strong and beautiful, however, these sills are very expensive.
Whichever windowsill you choose, the installation will be made according to the following scheme. Hollow ends of the old sill from the outside and the inside using a chisel and hammer. Will free it from the dried solution and carefully remove the cloth from the niche. Cut out a new sill from billet exactly the right size old.
Get rid of the mortar, debris and dust, the remnants of a heater in an alcove under the window. If the height of the old window sill was greater than the height of the new, the niche sill need to do the cement screed, which then attaches a new slab. If it's the same height, seal pojemny profile of a window box with silicone sealant.
Put on a cement screed or attaching backing bars, which will set the top of the sill. If it is made of chipboard, MDF or solid wood, back the free cable ends treated with a silicone for moisture resistance.
Apply structural foam between the strips of wood, set on her countertop. Zapanta rear and side grooves. In accordance with the building level to align with the window sill, install the push-in load. Sainte bottom. Leave for a day for complete drying of the foam.