Select for what purposes you will use the window sill, consider how it will be arranged. Can be used as window decor and shelf for flowers. You can extend the drip Board and use it as the countertop. If the sill is secure on the bottom, you can use it as a shelf for books and things.
Consider the parameters of your room, choosing the color scheme of the sill. Like everything else in the room, it should fit well into the interior, complementing it or emphasizing some details.
Review the material from which made your windowsill. Consider plastic, which has many advantages. This sill is the easiest to handle, easy to install, cheap, does not rot, does not decompose, waterproof, resistant to sunlight, and moreover, has excellent insulating properties.
Stop your choice on a wooden window sill, if you are a supporter of environmentally friendly materials. This sill is mainly made from valuable breeds of trees: beech, oak, maple, ash, chestnut, cherry, mahogany. You can find less expensive – array of pine and larch.
Wood, from which made the window-sill, is subjected to careful preliminary preparation. She first dried, then polished, then treated with mastic from natural oils and waxes. But, despite treatment, wood is not recommended strongly dampened with water, and cleaned with abrasive means. Once in three years the surface of the sill should be covered with a protective layer of varnish, wax or paint.
Select the window sill, made of stone. It will look solid and add interior genuine nobility. This sill is the most expensive and heavy.
Proper selection of the window sill to the interior is an art, because one and the same stone after processing can turn a different shade. It is better to first decide on a color, and then choose a suitable stone.
If you need a lot of window sills, remember – the same sills succeed only if they are carving from a single piece of stone.
Note the streaks in the stone – the fewer, the less likely it is that subsequently there are formed cracks. But then you have to sacrifice the beauty of the whimsical patterns of nature.