You will need
  • area, glue, a mitre box
If you are going to use plastic parts in the decoration of the room, just count how many of these elements you need to consider and the desired color. For the decoration of the arch produced a special arched corners have one side wider than the other.
For gluing parts buy a universal glue or "liquid nails". Be sure to read the instructions on the package.
Manufacture or purchase in the store, so-called a mitre box - metal area with high sides and cross sections. Wort use for smooth trimming parts to length.
Measure the required length of the area, put it in the wort, wide hacksaw cut off the unneeded part. Apply a three-dimensional strip of glue on the middle back of the area, attach it by pushing for a uniform distribution of the adhesive. To area stuck better, again, remove it from the wall, wait 1-2 minutes and apply again in place, slightly pressing.
The joints of the plastic area is better done in inconspicuous locations on the plot. Perfect for joining two segments of area it is necessary to cut in the wort at the same time, putting them on top of each other.
Small smooth curvature can be finished with plastic area, pre-heating it with a Hairdryer or hold it in hot water. Sharp turns off individual segments of the area.
If the glue made the edges of the area, immediately rinse it with white spirit, roll in a few minutes from the wall or cut off carefully with a knife.