To grow, for example, boletus, dig at the roots of young trees chopped mushrooms. They contain spores of mycelium that is able to penetrate the roots of pine or birch. This option is suitable for growing mushrooms.
Scatter in rainy weather, the pieces of young forest mushrooms and cover them with last year's leaves. Regularly moisten the soil, and the first harvest you will be able to collect the following year.
Another option-growing mushrooms – use dispute. Pour the soil around Mature trees suspension of milled overripe mushrooms with the addition of 1 tbsp gelatin and flour. The spores germinate and create mycorrhiza only in the next season and will bear fruit in 2-3 years.
In case you have on the site no trees, transplant them from the woods (at least three), together with the mycelium. The harvest in this case you will wait only a few years. This option is quite time consuming, as the transplanted young tree requires care.
The least popular method is the transfer from the forest any rotten or old lumps of wood that can be used for growing mushrooms. Just make them a little hole and put the mycelium. Regular watering. Most importantly, keep in mind that if you take the mycelium out from under the birches, then you need to put him under a birch tree, not under a pine tree or an Apple tree.
If you decide to seriously engage in the cultivation of mushrooms and regularly harvest, the most appropriate option would be to purchase high-quality mycelium in specialized stores. This option is also suitable if you are not able to replant their land the trees (not enough space).
To begin, select the required room - this could be a basement or small barn. Mix the mycelium with the substrate (sawdust or straw) and place in a plastic bag with holes. Through these holes will grow mushrooms. For normal growth, a temperature of 21 degrees. The first sprouts you can see in 2-3 weeks. Then transfer them to a well-lit place with a temperature of +15 degrees. Their final size , the mushrooms made in a week. Further, all steps are repeated.