If your holiday your husband works, the main ceremony, you can reschedule for the weekend. But to arrange a surprise for him all day, even while at the other end of town. Pre-contact the courier and arrange the delivery of gifts. The main gift will give him in the morning or in a festive atmosphere, but be sure to make it your own. And during the day with a courier service deliver my husband to the office pleasant things. Start with a bouquet of flowers. Who said that men don't give flowers? Laconic bouquet or arrangement will be very relevant in the day of the anniversary. To the flowers, attach a card with congratulations. By noon can be delivered the original cake, which will be very useful at the tea party with colleagues. Cake is better made to order, it can reflect the Hobbies of your husband or requests (the suitcase of money or car). By the end of the day, if you know what your husband will stay to celebrate birthday at work, send a bottle of champagne and a fruit basket. Or whiskey and cigars, it all depends on the taste preferences of the spouse. Such signs will not allow him to spoil the festive mood working days.
Preparing for a global celebration of the anniversary will fall on your shoulders. Men, as a rule, are reluctant to admit what holiday they would like. In this case you have to feel that please your husband. He leads an active lifestyle? Organize a game of paintball, a small hike for two days, riding on horseback, and in ATVs. But you have to obtain the consent of his close friends to participate in this adventure.
If on the day of birth the husband is going to invite reputable business partners, it is better to organize lunch or dinner in the restaurant, where they will be able not only to have fun, and to conduct the necessary negotiations. In any case, you should take into account the wishes of the husband. He wants to sit with a fishing rod alone - give him this opportunity. In the end, it's his party and you can have some fun in your anniversary.
A good idea can be a romantic weekend away. Travel abroad on a visa-free zone can be a real surprise. And some conspiracy to keep the intrigue until you arrive at the airport. If you need visa, ask your husband to choose the country or city in which he would like to visit. A more budget option may be a trip to Russia. Select a city with which you are associated or romantic experience where you were not. In advance book your hotel or vacation home of vacation, not to spend time on it on arrival. Walk around the city, enjoy each other, sit in a cozy restaurants and cafes. Give my husband an unforgettable weekend, because experience is the most expensive gift.