You will need
  • pattern for clothes;
  • cloth;
  • - thread to match.
Find the pattern of the suit, based on the size of your dog. On the Internet there are many sites that offer patterns for different breeds of dogs,, use the simplest. Let's see what changes you need to make to the pattern, so it was fitting your Chihuahua.
Lay the finished pattern on the fabric, trace its outline small, not forgetting to leave room for allowances for seams and folds. The edges of the fabric as the sewing pins. If you are going to sew the clothes, the zipper which is on the back of the dog, don't forget to leave about 1 cm allowances for seams. When sewing the jumpsuit for dogs you can also use Velcro and buttons. Leave as much fabric to the seams to be overlapped with a stripe width of 2-5 cm, depending on the size of the dog.
How many paired parts with pins to the fabric during the cutting didn't move. If you sew a Romper for your Chihuahua with insulated lining, cuts out lining as an outer layer. She smachivaetsya and sewn on the same principle as the outer side of the jumpsuit.
Add a Romper, a layer of batting and cut it out its exactly the pattern, do not make allowances for seams. Baste the batting to the lining. After lining with synthetic padding and the outer layer are folded wrong sides together and sewn at all points of contact. Remove the suit, the seams were inside and spend the first fitting. Be sure to get from the product pins.
Ensure that the jumpsuit was sitting on the dog loose, the sleeve does not hit the presser foot, and the collar was not too wide so that the animal did not fall out of the suit. If the product is too loose, take in the "waist" strap on the Velcro.
Correct all defects. Don't forget that the fabric for the suit should be insulated in the back and chest, the sleeves can be done without warming to the dog could move freely. Stitch all the basted seams on the sewing machine.