You will need
  • - Computer with Windows;
  • Uninstaller DirectX Eradicator;
  • program DirectX Happy Uninstall.
The first way to uninstall DirectX ideal for owners of computers with Windows XP operating system. We will focus on removing so-called DirectX 10 or 11. The fact that this operating system is officially neither 10 nor 11 are not supported. But, nevertheless, the web is full of them. And if you have downloaded and installed this DirectX on Windows XP and noticed that the game began to malfunction or not run, then it should be removed.
Such DirectX is installed as a normal program. Accordingly, it is also possible to remove. Click "start," then select "All programs." Find DirectX and select Delete. If the programs Uninstaller is not, then you will approach another way. Open "control Panel" and select the "add or remove programs". There find DirectX and delete it.
Using following way you can completely uninstall DirectX, regardless of the version and the operating system. Download from the Internet special Uninstaller DirectX Eradicator. Installing it does not require downloaded files. Unzip the archive and open the file dxerad. After that will appear warning that removing a component can lead to unstable work of the operating system. In the window warning click "Yes". DirectX is removed.
Another program, which can be used for removal of DirectX, called DirectX Happy Uninstall. Find it on the Internet and download. This program requires installation. Install it and start it. In the main menu, select component to Uninstall. Then in the right window also tap on the Uninstall. Wait until the process is complete. Agree to restart the computer. After rebooting, DirectX will be fully deleted from the hard disk.