Doing repairs in the apartment, decorate the corners that the cat usually likes to fight, decorative stone (as an option: tiled floor, tiles), laying out his original, steps at different levels. Usually it turns out very beautiful and unusual. Method is suitable if the cat tears up the Wallpaper only in one place, not on the perimeter of the entire apartment. The disadvantage of this method is the fact that the cat can climb higher and tear the Wallpaper, for example, at the level of the chair.
Walls decorative stone
Instead of the usual, traditional Wallpaper you can use decorative plaster with quartz particles (so-called "liquid Wallpaper"). Quite a high scratch resistance coating will keep for a very long time. The desire to tear the wall disappears after the first attempt. However, while these Wallpapers and writing as a moisture-proof, but still, for washing (washable Wallpaper) they are not intended. And if for some reason you have stained the Wallpaper or otherwise ruined section of the wall, it will have to cut this broken piece and re-spreading of liquid Wallpaper in the water to cover the same technology as they were drawn on the wall. It is, in principle, can be considered and advantage. Plaster, even if rough (and smooth, but color transitions), will not cause the desire to sharpen its claws, because the cause to the touch the impression of stone.
Decorative plaster for walls
The most budget of options available to protect the walls from cat vandalism (which does not affect the quality and appearance of the walls) – vinyl Wallpaper type screen printing. Cats don't even look at these Wallpapers, not encouraging them to tear up the smooth walls. Washable Wallpaper cats also usually do not touch.
Wallpaper for walls - silk-screen printing