You will need
  • - scratching post;
  • - Catnip;
  • - spray with a citrus odor;
  • - small bag with spices;
  • - tin or glass jar;
  • - a few coins;
To wean a cat scratching the furniture, provide her a comfortable place to point of claws, for example, purchase the shop is a special column designed for this purpose. Before doing so, watch what surfaces like scratching your favorite most: hard, soft, with corners, or without them. Such observations will help you to choose the most attractive for your pet a scratching post.
как отучить кошку царапаться
Install a scratching post away from the furniture to the cat, fascinated by her scratching and accidentally switched to the more familiar and favorite chair or sofa.
выбрать когтеточку для кошки
The following your task is any way to attract the cat to the scratching post. Try to show your pet why we need a new unfamiliar object, namely pretend that they themselves sharpen claws on the post. Can spray the scratching post Catnip, the smell of which will not leave indifferent any cat. In any case, do not force your pet to scratch on unfamiliar to her item by force. The animal may be frightened and not to approach the scratching posts at all.
как сделать место для питомца
Be sure to encourage the correct behavior of the cat. Praise, Pat and treat favorite treat each time she enjoys the kittens. Thus, the pet will soon notice the relationship between the affection of the owner, a delicious treat and its good behavior.
котенок дерет тюль что делать
To wean a cat scratching the furniture, treat the space around her favorite sofas, armchairs and chairs spray citrus or hang it next to furniture, the bag filled with strong-smelling spices. Get ready because the smell in the room will be not very pleasant, but cat furniture it will scare for a long time.
как самим сделать царапку для кота
To wean a cat to scratch furniture, you can use another interesting and effective method. Take a tin or glass jar small size. Throw in a few coins and close the lid. Every time you will see that your favorite scratching furniture, with the power shake a jar of coins. Cats hate loud noises, so I immediately run out of the room in which they are distributed.