Take a sheet of plywood and draw the silhouette of the future of the shieldand give it the desired shape. If you do round shield, then hammer in a nail the plywood and tie him to a rope with a pencil on the end, with their help you will be able to draw a smooth circle. Cut out the blank using a jigsaw or saw. Do not forget to do in the middle of the shieldand the hole in which freely will pass your fist.
For shieldand fabricate the handle and two holding strips. Attach them to the inside of the shield. Use nails with a diameter of the cap at least 6 mm and a stem diameter of not less than 3.5 mm. If the nail will stick out from the back, bite the tip of the pliers.
Glue the shield in leather, burlap or linen cloth. If you hang the shield skin, use fish glue if the fabric, PVA glue. When wrapping the fabric better to do several layers. Impregnate the fabric glue, glue the shield. Drill the holes for the shield boss.
Make a shield boss. It is usually out of steel billet casinoi not less than 1.5 mm.
Using leather strips and metal studs upholster the edge of the shield. Choose small cloves, which will not pass through the plywood. Using two bolts to fasten the shielde shield boss and handle. The handle is wrap with strips of skin, so she rubbed hand while using the shield. If you had plastered the shield skin, then drill around the perimeter of the holes using a fine drill bit and sew the skin of linen or nylon thread.
Provoshielde leather lining. To the joints, put the metal plates, attaching them with the studs or rivets.
Using paint and stain apply on shield need the drawings. Decorate the shield metal decorative elements. If necessary, attach a leather strap for convenience in carrying. RUB the surface of the wax candle and heat over the fire. Shield ready.