You will need
  • - apricots, prunes, grass Seine, propolis tincture (20%), honey;
  • - rosehip, beetroot, orange peel, lemon, black currant, lingonberries, blueberries, cranberries, raisins, prunes, dried apricots, vegetable oil, salt, honey.
Carefully follow own daily diet. The bowel is suffering from the toxins produced by undigested food residues. Minimize, better yet, eliminate the consumption of fatty and fried in oil meals, preserves and cured meats, pastries, refined sugar, alcohol and carbonated drinks. Eat cereals, nuts, bran, oatmeal, greens, fruits and vegetables. Get in the habit at night to drink a glass of buttermilk.
Chew your food well, ideally until, until it becomes a liquid consistency. Never wash down solid foods with water or any other liquid food (compotes, juices or tea). After lunch you can drink not sooner than an hour. Better to drink before eating, but not immediately after.
Drink plenty of water. During the day the total amount of fluids you drink (along with soups and tea) should be at least eight glasses.
Take 400 grams of dried apricots and prunes previously delivered him from the bones. Blend everything with a grinder and add to the mix a pack of the Seine, 2 tablespoons of tincture of propolis (20%), slightly less than a Cup (200 g) liquid natural honey. All mix and take on dinner, while eating one or two teaspoons, drinking tea or warm water.
Make beet balm. You will need: teaspoon of rose hips, 2 kg of beet, a little orange peel, lemon slice with peel, a blend of black currant, cowberry, blueberry, cranberry (total of 5 tablespoons), 1/4 Cup raisins 10 prunes and dried apricots, 4 tablespoons of unrefined vegetable oil, teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of fresh honey. Berries can take and frozen.
Granulate hips, fill it with water until the morning. In the morning boil three liters of clean water. Coarsely grate the beetroot, place in an enamel container and pour boiling water (2 liters). In warm water soak the dried fruits. The beets bring to the boil and add the dried fruit, lemon, orange peel and salt. The mixture simmer for 1 hour, and then add the berries and butter. Let it boil for another 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat, cool to 40oC and wrap something warm. After you add the honey and leave in a warm place for 10 hours. Store the balm in the refrigerator and take a Cup fasting and eating biscuits.