You will need
  • - handle;
  • paper;
  • calculator.
Define the start point of reference. For women it is 72 years for men – 60 years. If you smoke, chew tobacco or constantly in a smoke-filled room – subtract from the original numbers 2 years, if the answer is – add 2. If you in a week eat more than two slices of smoked bacon, sausage rolls or donuts – subtract 0,6. If the answer is – add of 0.6.
Do you prefer deep fried food? If so, subtract 0.4 mm. No – add 0.4 mm. If you try to avoid fatty foods – add 2, can't resist – take 2. Give preference to vegetables – add the 1.8. Like meat – subtract the 1.8.
More than 500 ml of beer or 300 ml wine or 100 grams of vodka a day take 1.2 years. If you do not abuse alcohol – add myself to 0.6. Life in ecologically unfavorable takes place 1 year, living in a clean area - it extends for 1 year.
More than 450 g of coffee a day takes you 0.6. If you refrain from this amount of caffeine – add of 0.6. If you follow the doctor's recommendations and are taking daily aspirin in small doses – add yourself to 0.8 years, if no – subtract of 0.8.
Daily using dental floss, you prolong your life by 1.2 years, ignoring it – shortened by 1.2. Regularity says that you can add to yourself 0.8 years. If you have a chair less than 1 time in 2 days – take of 0.8. Risky sex takes you 1.6 years, refrain from them - add a 1.6.
1.4 years shortens your life a strong tan. The same add, if you refrain from prolonged sun exposure. If your weight is normal – add 1.8 years, no – take of 1.8. Marriage extends your life by 1.8 years, the loneliness shortens to 1.8.
If you know how to effectively cope with stress – add yourself 1.4 years, no – take 1,4. The presence of more than one a diabetic blood relative brings your demise is 0.8 year, if your family this disease has not affected – and add yourself to 0.8.
If at least one of your parents died before the age of 75 years - subtract 2 years if long-lived parents – add 2 years. More than one lived to 90 years close blood relative adds you 4.8 years, otherwise, subtract the 4.8.
I do sports regularly? Add yourself 1.4 years. Prefer to be lazy – take 1,4. Taking vitamin E, you extend the life of 1.6 years, not taking – shortened by 1.6.
Calculate your score. This figure will determine the length of your life in that case, if you don't change their habits.