In addition to the infections and cold viruses on the health of the bronchi is affected by cigarette smoke, nitrates, air pollution, and dust. And so that your Airways were in order, start with lifestyle changes. Drop your bad habits, breathe clean air, eat healthy food.
There are a lot of exercises to strengthen the lungs, they are all based on breathing exercises. The simplest exercise – walking. You do not need to allocate more time, just going to work or to the store, and keep breathing. Two steps breathe in, three steps out.
Another exercise will require you to inventory. Take a wooden stick and on the inhale lift it over your head, exhale bring the head. Then, again inhale, lift up and the output down. Repeat the exercise several times. You can exercise with free weights. Take in each hand dumbbells and do a circular motion at the elbow joint. Breathe arbitrarily. Then go to the wall, straighten your back and lift the dumbbells to the shoulders inhale and exhale lower.Thus, all exercise on respiration are made through closed lips, don't open your mouth.
In addition to gymnastics, a good remedy for weak bronchi is the mother and stepmother. The recipe is quite simple. Young leaves of the flower, rinse under water and squeeze out the juice. To juice add sugar in proportion of two to one. The resulting syrup was stored in the refrigerator. Course prevention begin in the spring, take 5 tablespoons per day for a week and a half. You will notice that the next year your bronchi will be ready to fight off the flu.
If your bronchial tubes are weak, carefully treat your immunity. Often ventilate the room, dress warmly in cold weather. Once a year be sure to make your vacation don't skimp on your health, because further treatment will cost much more.