You will need
  • Hex screwdriver key set
To adjust the hydraulic system, install the rotor on the wheel hub and tighten the bolts with the eccentric. Screw the adapter, preferably using thread lock. Then screw the caliper do not tighten the hexagons, so he swam. Press the handle brake and make sure the pads are displayed on the same distance. After the rotor will clamp, the caliper itself will fall into place, make sure it tugging the wheel trying to scroll it in both directions. Only then evenly tighten mounting bolts to the downhillers.
Move the brake pads to the rotor on the working distance. To do this 20-30 times sharply press on the brake. After that scroll wheel. In the case where the rotor rubs against the pad, loosen the caliper and slightly slide it in the direction of this pad. If rubbing on both pads, remove the little hexagon on the brake handle. Tighten all bolts and check operation of brakes.
To adjust mechanical brakes, install the rotor on the hub and the wheel in place by tightening bolts. Screw the adaptor, fixing the thread. The caliper prikruchivayte not completely, but as in the previous paragraph. Then, the stationary pad slide out on half a turn of the adjusting screw.
Press your finger calipers to the surface of the inner pads has coincided with the plane of the rotor. Alternately fasten the mounting bolts to the downhillers, with the plane of the pads should not be at an angle. Tighten both hexagon and Unscrew half a turn of the adjusting bolt. The scroll wheel and check the clearances between the pads and rotor visually and by sound.
If the rotor rubs, the adjusting bolt remove it from his Shoe. If the brakes are not normally pressed, the same bolt slide the pad to the rotor, but make sure that between them there was no contact. Scroll lever to which is attached the cable release, holding block that moves. The rotor should be a bit displaced to the fixed block. Set the outer casing and the cable so that the outer pad was pressed. Tighten the cable if the pads are rubbing, adjust clamping force by the bolt on the handle.