Determine the dominant color of your eurycomanone color of your aura to identify quite simple. This is the color that you always unconsciously aspire, your favorite color. Once you intuitively define it, you can strengthen your aura with the help of clothes, accessories, home decor items of the same color. This way you will attract more of the dominant vibration that will bring positive energy into your life. You must use combinations of colors that occur frequently in nature. For example, if your aura is pink, it is good to have in your wardrobe clothes green and light pink shades.
Check your surroundings with your muslamic different colors associated with various emotions and feelings. For example, the color blue is associated with tranquility and feeling of relaxation. You may notice that when you are wearing clothes or accessories in blue color, you feel much calmer. While red color will affect you in the opposite way, since it's stimulant effect on the nervous system.
The impact of the aura lucenequery other processes that affect the aura of a person positively or negatively. Any negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, hatred or envy, poor nutrition, lack of sun can suppress the positive vibrations of your aura. Illness, drug abuse significantly weaken it. When you come into contact with another aura that you share with her energy. You may notice that you feel exhausted when you are surrounded by any particular person. Some people can pick up the energies of others without knowing it. With people that have a aura of the same color as you, you feel cheerful and happy. If you pay attention, you will notice that those people who wear light and bright colors look much happier than those who dress in clothes of dark colors because such colors absorb energy.
A positive effect on the aura also have regular exercise and meditation.