You will need
  • cloth;
  • - thread, scissors, centimeter tape;
  • pencil or marker through the tissue, the line;
  • - curtain wire and a mounting kit
Measure the size of the Windows in your car. Based on these dimensions, determine the required dimensions of the blinds on each window.
On a sheet of paper (you can use a sheet of paper) make pattern blinds. This will watertite shape with dimensions of sides equal to the window of the car. Apply the resulting figure to the window. If necessary the pattern can be corrected. Add or decrease where it is needed.
If you want to sew simple curtains, no draperies, the resulting pattern transfer onto the fabric. In this case, consider the position of the front and back sides of the fabric. The front side must look inside the cabin of the car. Accordingly, when cutting out fabric, you need to consider the location of the window, which will be later attached concrete curtain.
The curtain can be additionally decorated. To give it some originality by performing the drapery (folds). Will look beautiful curtain with inverted pleats at equal intervals. For the blind need to work with a paper pattern. At equal distances from each other (e.g., 4 cm), draw a right angle to the bottom edge of the pattern line (for further convenience the resulting band patterns can be enumerated). Cut on the drawn lines.
The resulting band pattern laid on the cloth in order of priority at the same distance from each other (4 cm). These extra centimeters of cloth will go on the formation of counter-pleats. Transfer the pattern to the fabric. For the seam, add 3 cm sides and 6 cm at the top and bottom. Cut the fabric cut the curtain.
Sew on the machine seam to hem the sides. You can make an extra stitch to the edge, to shape the side edges.
If your curtain with pleats, then lay the pleats and attrocity them on a 11 cm top and bottom. Evenly distribute them, pending the outcome of a collision of the folds, locking safety pins. Iron.
Fold upper and lower edge of the curtain 1 cm to wrong side and proutyuzhte. Then in the same way bend at 5 see as a result, the hem should be stitched to the border folds. Sew on the machine seam to the hem. Make an additional 2 horizontal lines in the middle of the resulting seamed edges for the channel under the curtain string.
In the finished blind pass strings of the required length. Edge of the curtain strings is fixed on the door of the car with the help of special fasteners.