You will need
  • - The AVR or switch.
If you are going to install a gasoline or diesel generator in the house or in any dwelling, take care of sufficient ventilation. It is best to install a professional exhaust installation.
If you want to use a generator as a backup power source, you will need to purchase the electrical AVR – device for the automatic transfer switch. It is intended for automatic switching of the voltage from the main supply input to the back-up in case of power failure on the first input. In the scheme after energy meter set protection device, then the automatic control unit, and then the generator. Automatic device can replace the conventional switch, it is cheaper but then you have to switch power sources manually. Wiring diagram of AVR with equal consumers:
If the power generatorbut not enough to provide energy to all consumers, they will need to be divided into two groups: consumers of the first category have become necessary appliances such as refrigerator, lighting system. It connects to the network uninterruptible power supply that will work in the case of disappearance of energy in the Central network. The second category of consumers connected directly to the network and in case of failure will remain without food. Switching circuit loads:
Use the rocker switch can be quite dangerous as it leaves exposed live parts. If you are not sure of the gap when you switch, set to switch the following circuit: the switch has three positions, namely left – connect to the network, the average voltage is disabled, right – generator. Such a system would eliminate the possibility of accidental short operation of the generator simultaneously with mains voltage.