Mower is one of "manual" tools, which it is impossible to choose based on its characteristics and price. This equipment is very important to hold in your hands, to feel it, and only after that to purchase.
For different tasks require specific, concrete solutions. The design of the trimmers is fairly simple. The actuator is push-pull the engine (and in rare cases four-pin), which via a flexible or rigid shaft is passed through the reducer produce momentum on itself a cutting tool (disk, trimmer cord).
Structurally, the brushcutters can be divided into brushcutters with straight shaft and flexible shaft. And classes: home and professional.
At the household motocoach set the cutting nozzle in the form of trimmer cord (diameter 2.4 mm) or cutting disc. When choosing a design and embodiment of the cutting tool benzotrimmera, you need to start from your objectives.
For obkalyvanija the edges of lawns and small lawns will be enough to purchase motokazu having a flexible shaft. This design is lightweight (4 to 5 kg), very compact and involves only trimmer cord.
Design trimmers with straight shaft is the most reliable and tough. After all, at the bottom of such trimmers to increase rigidity equipped with special reducer, which allows the use of a blade. Some models do benzothieno collapsible, thereby, simplifies the transportation of the instrument (disassembled such motokazu can be freely placed in the trunk of a car), and it is also possible to use additional attachments (viatores and minicalculator).
Range of household brushcutters is now very large. It is important to have in the future a possibility for them parts, therefore it is best to acquire leather accessories in specialized stores where is warranty and service.