You will need
    • A sharp knife or a special knife for cleaning fish
    • the cutting Board.
Don't forget that the taste of the future of fish dishes half depends on the rules of pre-treatment products.
If you bought frozen fish, it first needs to be thawed. This can be done using the microwave, turning on the defrost mode for a few minutes. Or wait for Pollock thawed in a natural way. You can thaw fish under running water in the sink.
Then take a large chopping Board, a knife or a special scraper for scale. Put Pollock on the Board, so that he was lying tail to the right side if you are right handed. Now you need to clean the scales. Tilt a little knife or a scraper and begin to remove it, like "against the grain". Clean fish from the scales on both sides.
Then you need to cut off her head. It must be done at inches from the end of the gills. Then firmly grasp the in hand belly up and make the cut. It should be sufficient to remove with a knife all inside. Remove everything from the inside of Pollock, including the black film.
Now you only have to wash the fish. Part of the black film inside can stay, and the cooked dish will taste bitter, so rinse the foil residues in the abdomen and dry the fish.
After all these manipulations Pollock ready-to-cook. Now you can safely cook him all his favorite dishes.
Of course, the smell of fish is not very pleasant, especially Pollock, but you can get rid of it several effective methods:
- to remove fish smell from hands, wash them in salted water and sprinkle hands with citric acid;
- utensils, cutting Board, knives soak in cold salted water for a few minutes, and then rinse with warm water;
- to reduce the smell of fish while cooking, add boiling dish a few drops of lemon juice or a little milk;
- fry in the pan a couple of tablespoons of ground coffee to get rid of fish smell in the kitchen.