You will need
    • scallops;
    • butter;
    • salt;
    • pepper;
    • cold water;
    • hot water.
Defrost sea scallops. To do this, pour cold water and wait for it to fully defrost. If prior to cooking a lot of time, you can from the freezer to shift the scallops in the fridge so they are defrosted slowly, but this method retains all the useful properties of the product. Using your microwave oven defrosting occurs quickly, but in the end, the product is defrosted unevenly. For scallops defrosting this type are generally unacceptable because they can become tough and tasteless.Pour frozen scallops in hot water in no event it is impossible, you will immediately destroy them. Continue to cook them something delicious will be virtually impossible. Not re-freeze sea scallops, otherwise it may cause deterioration of the product.
Slice the defrosted scallops into small pieces. Fill them with boiling water and let stand for about five minutes. Thus treated scallops when fried will not allocate a lot of water. Drain them in a colander and allow to drain water.
Strongly heat up the pan, put the butter, you can also use any other oil or mixture of oils. Pour them into the defrosted scallops and sauté about 3 minutes, this time is sufficient for the complete preparation of the product. It should be noted that the longer roast scallops, the harder they become. Frying can stand a small amount of water, let it evaporate, and cook for about one minute. Don't forget scallops salt and pepper to taste.
The garnish to this dish serve rice or boiled potatoes. Also eat scallops with fried eggs.