You will need
  • Computer;
  • program Do Pdf.
Download and install a program on your computer Do Pdf, to do this follow the link, wait for the download program and run the installer. Install the program on your computer. Restart your computer to allow the changes came into effect to create a virtual printer.
Open MS Word, create the document you want to print on a virtual printer. Go to the File menu, click Print, select the printer Do Pdf. Next, select print settings in the same way as for normal printing. Set the number of copies – 1. Next, select the number of sheets on the page, for example, 2. Select portrait orientation.
In the window that opens, Save the PDF file, select where the program will save the printed file, using the command "Browse", then click "OK". Next will be opened the Adobe Reader window that displays the document which you were able to print on a virtual printer.
Install a virtual printer on Ubuntu. To do this, go to the menu item "Programs" – "Accessories", select "Terminal". Install it using the package cups-pdf.
Configure the installation of the virtual printer using the web interface to cups for this launch any browser, type in the address bar address http://localhost:631/admin/if prompted, enter the user name "root" and the password. Add printer CUPS-PDF (Virtual PDF Printer), select the type of printer is Post Script. Next, select the printer driver, configure print settings by default.
Open the document to print it to a virtual printer, click "Print" from the printer list, select Virtual_PDF_Printer and send the document to print. The nal result will be a pdf file, it will stored in /var/spool/cups-pdf/<username>.